Rendezvous With Rama

In my first attempt to read this book, I stopped after the first handful of chapters mistakenly assuming this was going to be nothing but a book long description of an alien world hurtling through space. (This despite knowing the pedigree of the author.) In this, my second and complete read through, after reaching all the way to the end, that impression still remains because, for all intents and purposes, that’s exactly what Rendezvous with Rama is.

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You Need a Budget

About a month back, a close friend of mine posed this question to me: “For all your rants on materialism, have you ever introspected on how much you unnecessarily spend on stuff you don’t need?” It seemed like a relatively innocuous question, but it made me ponder deeply on my spending habits. Soon I realised that I do indeed spend too much on things I never end up using, had an epiphany and decided: “I need a budget!

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The Jaws Log

With detailed look at the minutiae of film production and captivating trivia strewn all throughout the book, The Jaws Log is a delightful read, whether you’re interested in the film-making process or not. Murphy’s law states the following: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” I don’t know where that adage originated, but after reading The Jaws Log, I’m 100% sure that’s how those working on the production of the 1975 blockbuster felt.

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Frozen (2013)

SPOILERS ABOUND! The traditional Disney musical is a genre that has been given the shaft in recent years. With Pixar becoming the foremost animation house in Hollywood, we’ve got films that are thematically deep and resonate in ways the older Disney musicals didn’t. And while there’s no denying the absolute cinematic quality of Pixar’s films, there’s a simple endearing quality to the likes of Aladdin and The Lion King that I have grown to miss.

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American Hustle (2013)

(SPOILERS ABOUND!) In the midst of an Oscar season filled with the usual dramatic fare comes David O’Russell’s American Hustle to remind me why I began watching films in the first place: to be utterly entertained. Not that I don’t mind or enjoy the more serious films we get in December and January, it just seems to me that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that having fun and being entertained are also perfectly good reasons to visit movie theaters.

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