From that title most of you would have easily guessed what this post is about. Yes, I finally played Planescape Torment and finally realized what a fool I had been for missing it all these years. Yes, I was late in playing the game, but I guess “Better late than never”.

When I got the game from one of my cousins, he said he had never played it but heard many good things about it. In my experience here at GS and many other sites, most people considered it one of the greatest games of all time. So, I finally installed the game and was immediatly struck with the feeling that this would be something special as soon as I saw the opening movie.

About my character, I had not played many RPGs but in the ones I had played, I had always chosen to be a fighter so I wanted to be different. I decided I would be a Mage and it was a decision I would begin to regret until I finished the game. Some of the earlier parts were getting difficult but I finally found Dakkon who made things easier for me. I soon assemble my party and I thought it would get easier as the game progressed but I found myself running from most battles because I would get finished easily and respawning and trying to kill was too much for me.

Especially, some of the battles on Baator with the Abhishais and in the final level with the Greater Shadows (which most people would have run from), I found myself trembling with fear as to whether I would be able to finish the game or not. When I finally did see the Transcendent One, because I had such high intelligence (about 24 I think) and I had gotten the Blade of the Immortal from the Siege Tower (thanks to a FAQ), the end game was easy and when the final movie finally rolled on and I saw The Nameless One take the weapon to fight in the Blood War and the voice in the background said “What can change the nature of a man?”, to my surprise I fould myself questioning every decision I had made in the game.

In the end, my experience playing Torment ranks with among the best gaming experiences I have ever had. I am almost sure I will definitely play it more than once again, try to be evil and finally meet the Lady of Pain (in my quest to complete the game, I didn’t have time to meet The Lady in my first experience) and of course see whats all there is to see in the world of Planescape.

Finally, my full review can be found here.