… and I started playing The Longest Journey. This game has been dwelling in my collection for as long as I can remember but because of commitments to present games I have never gotten around to playing it. However, after playing a game with memorable story and characters in Planescape Torment, I decided to play this game as I had heard it also features one of the most memorable stories and character casts.

I have just gotten to Arcadia and the game seems very interesting and engaging so far. The first thing I noticed about the game is the amount of effort put in to character development. The developers could have just showed a few bad dreams as cutscenes and then made the jump to Arcadia but they clearly wanted us, the players, to feel for the main character and put in extra effort to make it so. The graphics are mediocre to me, the lighting is good but it is all in low resolution, so it does look bad compared to recent games. Still, I have a feeling that, similar to Torment, I will start to ignore the low-quality graphics because of the story. And from intial impressions I feel that will definitely happen.

On other notes, the second part of my Best Plot Twists will come only later. That is because I feel some current games and books I am reading may make it into that list. As mentioned TLJ looks like it will have a great story and I am currently reading The Last Juror from John Grisham which is also taking great turns in its story. And on my backlog of books, I have read The Da Vinci Code but many suggest that Angels and Demons is better, so that is going to be my next read. And after all of these are completed, I will most probably get around to the second part of Best Plot Twists.