NOTE: I am guessing by now most of you would’ve read The Sorcerer’s Stone but if you haven’t, this post does contain spoilers for the first Potter book.

I once said to myself I will never understand what all this craze of Harry Potter is about. But, today, I realize how wrong I was and have joined all these people in their craze. As you would remember, a few days ago I posted “Is Potter really good?” but now I have found out the answer myself. Harry Potter is really good and Hogwarts is a fun place to be in.

Now I am not going to bore you over plot points or a reviews of this book because I am sure you would’ve read many of them. I am just going to point out some of my best moments (in no particular order) from the book.

Quirrell is evil, not Snape - I have to tell this must be one of the best twists I have read because I definitely didn’t see it coming. When Harry opened the door, I expected either Snape or Voldemort to be in there but it was Quirrell. One of the best moments in the book for me. I also have to say that I was more shocked at Snape helping Potter than at Squirrell being evil.

Gryffindor wins the House Cup - This, for me, was the best moment in the book. I was sure Slytherin had won it but when Dumbledore started awarding points I almost jumped out my bed in joy. I, however, expected a tie but did not expect Neville to be awarded points and win it for Gryffindor.

Hagrid’s entry - Right from the moment Hagrid comes to meet Harry to them leaving on the boat, this was one of the best sequences in the book. The way Hagrid tells Harry he always had the “Wizard” in him and Harry thinking over the events that happened when he had been angry was splendid.

Those moments are just off the top of my head. It is hard to sum up a book which is full of great sequences. The whole sequence leading up to Harry’s showdown with Voldemort is superb - Ron using his ability to win the chess game, Hermione using her ability to get past the puzzle and Harry using his flying ability to get the key. Just for the record I read the last 160 and odd pages straight for about 3 hours.

This post should give you an idea of how worked up I am of Harry Potter. My next goal is to finish the next five books as quickly as possible. I want to join the other fans in their wait for The Deathly Hallows. The reason being if I finish The Half Blood Prince with just a few days to go for the last book then I wouldn’t be able to feel the excitement or join the others in the speculation and rumors surrounding it. I will definitely be going to the library tomorrow to rent The Chamber of Secrets as excited as I ever was before reading any book and hoping to finish it sooner than ever.