So, I completed Neverwinter Nights recently and I have to say I was amazed by how well it played considering its age. The main reason I played it was that I am getting a new computer in December and I know I will be busy playing The Orange Box, Crysis, Oblivion and almost every other great game from the past three years, so I will have no time to play this. But I am glad I chose to do it because it gets added to Planescape Torment, KOTOR, KOTOR2 in the list of amazing RPGs I have played.

Although I completed it over the course of about 6 months (WOW!) it never stopped getting better from time to time. And part of it is the story. To be honest at about the middle of chapter 2, I was not much impressed and incredibly many of the sidequests had better substories than the main one itself. But the twist at the end of the second chapter really hit me in the face. And from then on I thought it was really epic with quite a bit of history of the gameworld and so on. Though it was not as complex as Planescape Torment I felt it was awesome and quite epic in its own right.

I played KOTOR before this and at the beginning I was a bit put off by the graphics and gameplay. But since I stuck up to it, I was able to overlook the graphics and the gameplay got really interesting one I started leveling up and the amount of exotic items we can find in this game is incredible and some of it really helped in certain sidequests which would have been difficult without these items. I would suggest anyone who plays the game to atleast put up until the end of the first chapter because the gameplay and story of the later chapters is well worth some of the turn offs of the earlier ones.

Overall, I really enjoyed Neverwinter Nights and it ranks as one of the gaming experiences I most enjoyed. On other notes, since my exams have started no gaming for about 15 days after which it is going to be gaming marathon and madness with the new system and The Orange Box, Crysis and others and I hope to bring certain impressions of those games like this one in my own quest to keep this blog alive.

For people who care, here is my full review of the game over at Gamespot.