2011, the year before last, was a year of introspection for me. I spent it shacked up alone in my studio apartment in Dubai wondering what I am doing with my life. Onsite life wasn’t as great or as busy as I imagined it would be and I was bored on most days. In the span of as little as six months, I moved from wanting to do an MBA in Market Research to beginning to prepare for CAT 2012 in the hopes of doing an MBA from IIM to letting all that go because it was all too much pressure for me to handle. By the beginning of 2012, I was back in India but still without any idea of what I wanted to make of myself.

2012 was the year I redefined myself and finally figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I can’t say how and when exactly I had the epiphany that “this is it”. But I do remember that Google I/O 2012 had a lot to do with it. It was the first multi-day technology convention I took a liking to and followed into the wee hours of the morning live on Google’s stream. I was trying to get into Android Programming at the time and I/O had a lot of great presentations on the topic. I also started going through older I/O presentations as well, and before I knew it, I was hooked onto the whole thing.

A few months of going through videos, trying to learn Android development and debugging countless lines of code later, I knew “this” is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Forget MBA. Forget further education. I understood that nothing makes me happier than sitting in front of a computer and writing software code. I realized that racking my brain over why this shitty piece of code just doesn’t comply with my wishes was more enriching than anything I’d ever done in my life. I recognized that after one and a half years of introspection, I’d finally “found my calling.”

Not long after that, I started discussing with one of my close friends about doing a project together. We’d both been pooling together a lot of similar ideas for a long time before it finally dawned upon us that we had a pretty cool one on our hands. We spent the remainder of 2012 fine-tuning said idea and giving it a concrete shape and form in our heads, though not necessarily on paper.

That is the reason I am most excited for what 2013 has in store for us because what formed as a small idea in our heads could finally come to fruition. 2013 could be the year where our vision become reality. Yes, it is still possible that I may end up being the same lazy procrastinator I’ve always been, but it is also possible that I might finally sit down on my ass and start putting all my shit together.

And that is why the New Year, of all the major holidays, has always been special for me because it signifies a new hope, a new beginning and a fresh start for all of us. While it always doesn’t pan out that way, come the next New Year, we’re always looking forward to some great things in our life, no matter how hard the last year has been for us.

Happy New Year 2013!